UT3 Total conversion MOD
New Release
August 29 2008 - BorisTSR

For phase 4 of Make Something Unreal we have released our mod at version Check it out here: Fileplanet or ModDB or HostileTakeover2050.com. There is also a new video up at ModDB, make sure to check it out ModDB Page

May 15 2008 - BorisTSR

For phase 3 we have released our mod at version 0.5. Check it out here: Download

GCAP Conference
November 22 2008 - BorisTSR

The Mod Team has attended the GCAP conference in Brisbane this week for research and interaction with the game developers of Australia. A Post will be made shortly about the conference in the forum please sign up and check it out

November 22 2008 - ViViD

The Mod has been listed on the ModDB site. Click on the link for further information http://www.moddb.com/mods/hostile-takeover2050

Monthly Blog
September 13 2008 - BorisTSR

Hey guys, the first of many monthly blog updates has been posted. check it out on the forum here: Game Blog

Website Is Up
July 29 2008 - Gatesy

We are pleased to announce Hostile Takeover 2050 Mod for Unreal Tournament 3.0. Please read the "About our Mod", to get a full description of the Mod and if you have thoughts and ideas please express them to us in the forums, or words of encouragement are always welcomed.

Modeller/Texture Artists Required
January 01 2008 - BorisTSR

If CyberPunk is your theme, then your come to the right place. We are on the hunt for additional help with our mod, budding texture artists/modellers should apply. Copies of your work and a list of amount of time your able to spend will be beneficial in selection. We have a great team environment which accomodates any level of input you wish to sign up for.

Please email us at positions@hostiletakeover2050.com to apply

Hostile Takeover
November 20th 2007 - ViViD

We have started work on two maps and content as well as the code, characters and concept art. You can view some of the progress in the screenshots located in the media section.

An Idea Is Forged
September 01 2007 - ViViD

With disappointment in the Shadowrun game and various other cyberpunk themed games and idea was formed to create the essence of the gameplay which is translated from the RPG. We came up with the concept of a multiplayer FPS game that took some of the RPG elements to create the fun aspects of those games "combat".

Some of our ideas that we had actually seem to have cross pollinated other games which have come out since we sat down and nutted the game idea out. But all these games owe there original source to the cyberpunk rpg genre of the mid 80's, which we are taking the majority of our influence from.

Our aim is to create a fun, action packed, cyberpunk genre game which gives everyone the opportunity to play a style to suit there personality or feeling for that given moment. Your gameplay style can be that is a stealthy hunter, heavy hitting muscle or the lowly Corpsec guard ready to take down the big boys, with your superiority of numbers.