Features Planned for Beta 1

The features below are what we aiming for 1st BETA but not it will not just stop there, we have in the pipeline a scores of other features we wish to implement with Hostile Takeover 2050, but need to make sure we do it in bite size chunks. As we have got to the stage and implemented the various pieces we will explain and show more on fuctionality in a monthly forums blog.


- Customisable Infiltrator (Three attributes Cyberware, Stealth, Strength)
- Standard FPS controls including crouch and lean
- 3 Types of movement speeds (walk, normal and sprint)
- Respawn for Corpsec, No Respawn for Infiltrators
- Random Objectives per map
- Random Gametype per map
- Hostile Takeover
- Snatch and Grab


- 3 Weapon models (SMG, Assault Rifle for Corpsec, Hybrid gun for Infiltrator)
- 2 Ammo Types for infiltrators (caseless rounds and tranquilizing dart)
- Crosshair aiming with a small zoom ability for aiming
- Recoil on weapons (no cone)
- Bullet penetration
- Character recoil on hit

Character Models:

- 1 Infiltrator Model
- 2 Corpsec Models


- Stealth (default for all infiltrators)
- Nueral Interface Computer (default ability)
- Cyberlegs
- Internal System Nanites
- Dermal Plating
- Adrenal Pump
- Damage Compenstator
- Night Vision


- 2-3 maps on release